Another take on the Groynes

Summer is off to a roaring start. The days are hot and the ground is parched. When it is like this, which is not very often really, it is nice to be near refreshing water. So, today, being one of those days, we went for a freshen-up at the Groynes.

The Groynes is a large recreational area and this time we selected a spot called the Birches (Kimahia).The Birches We joined the ducks enjoying the shade by the river. They had a lot to say about our visit. Thought we were quite ducky in fact.Shady DucksThey suggested a cool dip in the river. We wanted to follow them but, unfortunately, the quality of the water is only fit for ducks. Poor ducks, having to suffer dirty water 😦Duck in, why don't you?Behind us, there was a lovely view through tree framed windows to Clearwater Golf Course and to the mountains beyond. Some of the mountains still had a little snow on them. You can see some of the golf course if you click on the photo to enlarge it. The mountains weren’t captured by my camera.Picture WindowsI startled a rabbit when I took that photo. It startled me ,too, so we are even.

Now, my sister, if your computer comes to life again, this is for you. I think this is the plantain weed, supposedly very edible and tasty, that has been causing me such hayfever grief this week.I ain't no banana.

7 thoughts on “Another take on the Groynes

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    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Yes, and wouldn’t I like to be a little more wintry today. Once again it’s very hot and we’ve actually resorted to airconditioning.

  2. kiwiskan

    Brings back memories – we went to the Groynes a lot when I was a child. It was just a wild river bank then, and I do remember how cold the water was – a minute after getting in you would go numb!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Oh that’s fun to know; that you knew it in its wilderness days. It is a wonderful area and the designated dog parks and dog walking and swimming areas are marvellous. Did you collect water cress from the river banks? It is still there but I don’t think I would want to eat it these days.


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