Ponder this…..

Ponder this whilst you nibble……

I made Fruit and Nut Balls this morning. The recipe for these treats is my favourite from Cooking for Older People, Easy Recipes for One or Two, produced by the Canterbury District Health Board, 2011 Edition. They don’t require cooking, so are super easy to make!As usual, I play around  with the printed recipe. Sometimes I add crystalised ginger and chocolate chips, as I did today. This is the result.Now here is the part to ponder. In the foreward to the recipe book the following statements are made:

Eating well in old age is essential to enjoying life to the full;

Undernutrition in older people is a growing concern in our community;

Age Concern community workers often work with older people who show signs of malnutrition;

A survey of older people, admitted for fractured hips at Christchurch Hospital, found 42% were significantly malnourished;

Despite the need, nutritional information for older people has not been readily available.

My ponderings ….undernutrition and malnutrition of our elderly affects all socio economic groups. The elderly are often unaware that it is happening. Do we need a Jamie Oliver or  MasterChef series to raise awareness of this nutritional problem? Do we need a return to the culture exemplified by Selwyn Muru in the excellent interview on Waka Huia on Sunday, November 25th on TV One. If my memory  is correct, he said that, as youngsters, they were taught to fish by their parents and then to gift the fish to the elders in the community. Were the elders malnourished?  I don’t know, but family concern for their well being was paramount, so,perhaps, with such attention all manner of pitfalls were avoided.

Going to have a fruit and nut ball and ponder that some more. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Ponder this…..

  1. leapingtracks

    Who would have thought that such deep ponderings would spring from Fruit & Nut balls! But you are right – how do we get that sense of balance right in our communities? That most basic of all functions, feeding ourselves and those around us, becomes a measure for how well our societies are functioning. Great post, thanks

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thanks. It’s a tricky one. Our elderly like to be very independent too so the issue of whether they are eating well enough can be a sensitive and intrusive subject.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      What a great idea. It’s lovely to have a table centerpiece isn’t it? Adds a lot of pleasure to the dining experience. Thanks for following my blog. I enjoy the creativity on your blog.

  2. Clanmother

    You ask a very important question on malnutrition!! I am going to give this some thought. When we no longer have the full responsibility of feeding the family, the joy of cooking diminishes. If we are only cooking for ourselves it is so easy just to nibble rather than plan a meal. It is more fun to share food! Breaking bread is the essence of community.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      It is more fun to share food. Perhaps that is why we have so much fun sharing our food and recipes in the blogosphere. We break virtual bread.

  3. Elizabeth

    Another yummy looking recipe, thank you! On the outside they look very like chocolate truffles (my daughter calls them chocolate meatballs) but I’m sure they are much more healthy.


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