Any time is Granola time.

In my long ago life in New York, I was introduced to the deliciousness of home made granola. I made a lot of it and ate a lot of it.  And then, probably because I was in places where the ingredients were hard to come by, I stopped making granola. Recently, a friend, with a passion for a  good granola breakfast, inspired me to revisit my old granola habits. I fished out my tatty, tatty granola recipe, taken from  Waldbaum’s Quick Oats packaging, in the late 1980s, and made a batch of granola. I scorched it, slightly, but granola is forgiving so it was still scrummy, especially with its deficiencies smothered with yogurt and chunky cooked apple.

Today I made some more granola and this time I toasted it perfectly. Not 14 cups of granola though. I halved the recipe to suit my little household.

Granola, anyone? Good for breakfast, good for any and all times.

Questions: Does Waldbaum continue to put a granola recipe on its Quick Oats packets? Is it the same one? Or is granola so 1980s that the modern consumer no longer makes it?

6 thoughts on “Any time is Granola time.

  1. Katrina Lester

    I make a granola called ‘Crunchy’ all the time. I have a recipe from a friend of my mother’s written by her on an index card. I’m so glad I still have the recipe card which has survived several moves since the 1970s. When I follow the recipe I’m reminded of Mum’s friend Joan who died some time ago. She made quite an impression on me in my teenage years, introducing me to spices I’d never heard of like Star Anise.

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      I love having and using recipes like that. They are treasures. Wouldn’t mind a taste of your Crunchy granola!

  2. Gallivanta Post author

    Mmmmmm……all the marks on the recipe were added by Mum. She crossed out the sugar because she thought it made the granola too sweet. She added the bran and barley because she could and she probably left out the coconut because she doesn’t like it. She also ate it as a topping for her pudding of fruit and yogurt. So, you can be creative like Mum, or just stick to the printed recipe as I have been doing this time around. Oops, I lie, I added a handful of sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds. I am my mother’s daughter, after all. 😀

  3. Travelling Kiwi

    Thanks for the recipe – I must try it. Does the line through the brown sugar mean you don’t put that in? And do you add the bran and barley instead of the wheatgerm and coconut, or in addition to them? We make toasted muesli but only with the dry ingredients.


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