Miracles do happen.

To my great delight and utter amazement I discovered a flower on our kiwifruit vine this afternoon. I planted a male vine and a female vine about 3 years ago and this is the first flower ever. I had almost given up hope of anything but lush green foliage strangling the fence.  I think it is a male flower so it remains to be seen if we get any kiwifruit this year. But, just to have a single beautiful flower seems like a miracle and I am content with that.

Other updates, along the fence line: The blackcurrants are beginning to swell. Looks like we will have a bucket harvest this year instead of the usual handful.

The miniature Ballerina apple trees are healthy and fruitful too. It makes me happy to see them so bountiful this year, but I am not counting my apples before they ripen!  They still have to survive  heat and wild, dry nor’westers before harvest time. More miracles required methinks.

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