Hide and Seek at Benmore Gardens

Designers of public gardens are so wonderful, and witty.

This morning we were out in unfamiliar territory and happened upon the hidden gem of Benmore Gardens. From the car park the gardens appeared like this: But beyond the swings, there was a whole other world.Of course, I slid down the slide (not really…but I wanted to).  In truth, I walked sedately to the glint of blue in the  bed of rocks and found a small iris.Returning up the slight slope, I took this picture which is the opposing view to my first photo at the park entrance : Now, who would guess, from a distance, that in those grasses are a see-saw, a slide and a fairy ring with two child-sized chairs made from old tree trunks. So, we found all the hidden play equipment but where were the children? Probably, most sensibly, hiding indoors from the midday sun. Fairies must have been well hidden too.


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