Wildlife and Waterford Reserve

Today is Show Day. We decided that the A&P Show would be too exciting for us, what with Prince Charles and Camilla being there, and all, so we went to another show  –  a wildlife one at Waterford Reserve. It was very tranquil, except for being dive bombed by two nesting swallows and being told off very vigorously by a pukeko.

Here is a tranquil view of Waterford Reserve.

And here is one of the wildlife, plus wild weeds

More wildlife; ducks, that is!

This pair turned their backs on me. At first, I thought they were resting with their young but, on closer inspection, the strange shapes near them appeared to be dry flax flowers. Were they substitutes for lost babies? They were being protective of them.It’s nice to see all the daisies and dandelions and general weedage. It means that no one has been reckless with weed killer.  Here is a pretty orange flowered weed

Then it was home in the little “motoka kiwikiwi” where we found, awaiting us, the wildest wildlife of all, aka Jack :D.

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