The sweet, wily wise doorkeeper

Yesterday, I went out the back door to the clothesline and found the cat stretched out on the warm path, like so. I had to step round her to reach my washing. Then, as if to protest  the shadow I cast on her leisurely nap, she moved ever so slightly, in her own good time, to a spot closer to the door.  Here she is, being keeper of the door, instead of lazy laundry attendant.  Now I had to step over her, not round her.

Lying so sweetly as she was, made me think of tamara’s post on persimmons. Tamara explains that persimmons become sweeter and better with age.  I think, my ( I say ‘my’ guardedly) cat is ageing like a persimmon ( purrsimmon 🙂 ) …… don’t panic, I am not intending to eat her!  She gets sweeter, wiser, and possibly wilier, each day. Here she is, my favourite doorkeeper (as long as I don’t fall over her or step on her ) .

With  special thanks to tamara for her lovely post on persimmons :


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