Home baking and Remembering

I made delicious, crunchy, oaty  Anzac biscuits this morning. I wanted to make them a few days ago, but my sister said I should wait till “Remembrance Day” which is today.  So, I did.  And here they are.

The story is that New Zealand (and Australian) women sent these homemade biscuits to their loved ones serving overseas in World War One. The recipe doesn’t use eggs and therefore the biscuits keep very well for a long time. I don’t know what research underpins this story and I have no idea if my grandfather received these biscuits when he was in France during WW1. Never thought to ask! I was only interested in the biscuits in my early days.

My Anzac biscuits (never referred to as cookies) are placed upon my own much used, splattered and tattered, recipe book. All the best recipe books are like that. When I use recipes from my own collection I remember all the people who gave me  the recipes. I  enjoy recognising their handwriting (or typing!). The recipes bring back memories of other times and other places. Just as the original Anzac biscuits may have done for the men on the battle fields.   Perhaps not always happy memories. Sometimes it might have been a case of ‘Gosh, darn it, Mabel; haven’t you learnt to bake yet? You’ve burnt the biscuits again.”  Easy enough to do with Anzac biscuits.

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