A Proper Nuisance

This is Jack, my best friend.

This week he was dobbed in to  Dog Control as a nuisance barker. There is no strict definition for nuisance barking, in terms of number and duration of barks, but, apparently, someone considers six or seven barks a day a nuisance.  I do not which someone complained. However, I do sympathise with the complainant because Jack has a piercing bark.  Yet, surely, a dog is entitled to some free speech.  Or should be 🙂 !  And when it comes to noise, I admire the attitude of one neighbour who says,” I like hearing Jack bark. If I can hear him bark, I know I am alive.”

That’s the spirit.

Only, because I believe in good neighbourlines, Jack has to be very good and very silent for awhile. I guess that means I must find another way to help my neighbour  know she is alive. Cookies, perhaps?

Questions: Why do we say “a proper nuisance”?  Is there “an improper nuisance” ?


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