More Mona Vale

We had a late morning visit to Mona Vale. We were there about 10 days ago but the roses weren’t blooming then and there were no ducklings. This time we saw roses and ducklings. Many roses; only two ducklings. The ducklings were very hard to photograph as they were well camouflaged amongst the leaves of the lily pond. Can you spot the ducklings? They were fascinating to watch as they negotiated the pond with a mixture of leaf walking and swimming. Mother Duck hovered   around the edges of the pool keeping a careful and worried eye on their efforts. I empathised; her offspring had some precarious moments as they balanced, or unbalanced, on the lily pads.

To back track a little. This is now the main vehicle entrance to Mona Vale. The former main entrance is blocked off by safety fencing around the old Homestead.

To the left of the the lamp post I saw a mass of these enormous and beautiful peach toned poppies.

Some views at Mona Vale remain the same.

And some views have changed a little.

And some have changed a lot.

The clover is flourishing in the new tumbled down environment.

Either way, old or new, the ducks were content and so were we.

A small mystery, however; why was Mona Vale once known as Karewa?

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