Serenity at Waiwetu Park

After yesterday’s late night adventures with a blocked toilet and subsequent floor flooding, it was  lovely to enjoy the late morning serenity of Waiwetu Park.

This is my favourite approach to Waiwetu Park.

Though it may be beautiful, it comes with the ubiquitous sign of earthquake repairs underway. Every street has one and often more.

Beware, Repairs!

There was a reception committee on our arrival at the park. Here is one of the committee.One duck of three.

As we had no food to offer, the ducks soon lost interest in us and waddled back to their stream.

I thought their stream was more interesting than us too.

According to the City Library website Wairarapa  means “flashing water or a sudden gleam of water”. Did I catch the sudden gleam?

The playground across the stream was quiet.

All quiet at Waiwetu Park
This is the view looking back the way we came. At the distant end of the street is yet another park to explore.

And, yes, even the best streets in the best neighbourhoods, have pretty weeds; and, so, they should!

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