Hagley Park

We had a very sedate excursion this afternoon. Sedate, as in we mostly sat in the car, because 27 degrees is a little hot for us. We drove to a spot near the tennis courts and from there watched the world go by. The world included four happy young men making a complete mess of rowing upon the river ; I think this was on purpose because they seemed to enjoy falling and jumping into the river. Also, lots of ducks and a pair of Paradise ducks with three offspring. Said offspring seemed to be experimenting with swimming on their own with much anxious and worried communication from the parents on the bank of the river. At one stage, one of the ducklings went a bit too far away and Mamma was frantic. Eventually she got all three safely tucked under her wings. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of them but here is part of  the river scene.

Nearby, I noticed for the first time, the PInetum. The words on the sign made me laugh.

“Soft yellow dust” !!  You must be joking Botanical Garden sign writer. When did you last try to get that soft yellow dust off your windows, off your car, off your doorstep, out of your hair, out of your nostrils……..You can’t fool me with your pretty words. Never the less the Pinetum was very pretty. And despite the strong nor’wester, no visible pollen falling through the air.

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