Packe Street Community Garden

Another glorious day.

In the morning we planted potatoes and two tomato plants. One of the tomatoes is called Antarctica and the other Outdoor Pride. New varieties to me. I am amused that someone names a tomato “Antarctica”.

In the afternoon, when the heat of the sun had diminished a little, we went to the Packe Street community garden. It was a small mission getting there, thanks to detours and roadworks.


The garden now has raised beds made from bricks from earthquake damaged buildings.


I liked the strawberry plants (and the self sown potatoes) sharing space in the old tyres.



On this trip to the Packe Street garden I took a proper look at the mosaic path. It has been there for many years but this is the first time I have really looked at it. Gave me some smashing ideas ( sorry, couldn’t resist that!)

This hand written notice gave me a smile. It didn’t prompt me to weed however.

No gallivanting is complete without a rose and a little plant so here they are: a rose that is climbing high into a tree and a little blue flowered weed snuggling under the park bench.



4 thoughts on “Packe Street Community Garden

  1. sf

    Wow, that community garden sure was a perfect picture of a glorious day! What a great idea to plant strawberries and potatoes in old tires! Back home, I’ve definitely got some discarded old tires. The next time I go back, I hope I remember to roll ’em on out and try to plant something in ’em. Thanks for the great idea and the bright refreshing pics of flowers! Pretty!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Thank you and thanks for your dedication in looking at so many of my posts. Hope you are enjoying a little taste of my world.


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