Picture Perfect Day

Another picture perfect day. In the domestic garden we harvested our first radishes of the season. Only two but so delicious.And, like us, our daisies were also making the most of the perfect weather..

In the late afternoon we spent some quiet moments at one of our favourite spots, Abberley Park. The rose garden is in a very sheltered part of the park so there were a few blooms out.

Particularly beautiful were a yellow rose




and a pink climbing rose.

Also beautiful, and pertaining to the little things in life was this little plant.

7 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Day

  1. sf

    Boy, your town has got some seriously perfectly-shaped fruits and vegetables! I’ve never seen ’em look so perfect in any grocery before! Must of been suh-weet to pluck ’em radishes out, huh? (I’ve never seen a radish garden, but I thought of Peter Rabbit when I saw your radishes, hehe).

    Wish I could sit under that pink climbing rose garden for hours. Aaah. Pretty!

    1. Gallivanta Post author

      Peter Rabbit would love those radishes. Fortunately, rabbits don’t come to my garden but I surely have hedgehogs. They only like snails and slugs and strawberries and leftover catfood as far as I can tell ๐Ÿ™‚


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